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Sala Arazzi, Collegio Alberoni, ph Archivio Comune di Piacednza
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Located inside the college bearing the same name, it is made of several paintings, church ornaments and vestments, and tapestries coming from cardinal Giulio Alberoni’s (1664-1752) houses in Rome and Piacenza. The most precious paintings, among which Antonello da Messina’s (1473) famous Ecce Homo and other paintings by Flanders painters, are in the apartment formerly reserved to Cardinal Alberoni in a wing of the 18th century palace. In the Gallery, prized paintings dating back to several historical periods are exhibited, while in the large hall there are three series of precious tapestries: two big tapestries depicting scenes of Maximilian of Austria’s wedding (16th century) , eight tapestries representing stories of Aeneas and Dido (17th century),and eight more representing stories about Alexander the Great (17th century).
The Seminary may be visited throughout the year, with guided tours for groups of at least 20 people (phone reservation is mandatory) For information on guided tours call: +39.349.4575709. 

Collegio Alberoni - Via Emilia Parmense, 67

Holiday timetable:
From October to June: 3.30 to 6,30 p.m. Every Sunday: guided tour at 4 p.m.