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Annibale, ph Archivio Comune di Piacenza

The second Punic War, led by the Carthaginian general Hannibal Barca, left many traces on Piacenza land. The Trebbia’s battle was the first win over Rome and it was the only battle where some elephants were used to impres the enemies. It took place between the areas of Ancarano and Gazzola.

The carthaginian place-names

Many place-names of the Val Boreca are connected to passage of Hannibal in this area. Zerba seems to come from Djerba, Tartago from Chartago, Suzzi from Soussie.

Rottofreno village looks like it got this name, cause nearby Hannibalbroke the break of his horse. This episode is still rememberd in the city crest.

The stories about Hannibal Barca

There are many other stories about the Carthaginian general, they are belong to the legend.

The Mount Lesima, for exemple, got that specific name cause, during the climbing, Hannibal accidently hurt his hand. From “laesa manus” (in latin “hurt hand”) the name became similar, Lesima.

Another story.

The city of Gossolengo is still keeping inside of his city crest the image of an elephant, as a memory of the gift, which Hannibal gave to the city. It’s seem that one of the elephant of Annibale got hurt, so the army had to stop for a long time in Gossolengo area. Hannibal decided to offer the elephant to the citizen, who used the big animal to work the fields around.