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Pianello V.T:(PC),Museo Archeologico della Val Tidone, ph. Andrea Scardova

Near to Pianello V.T. since some year, the archeological association Pandora performs excavations. These specific researches are bringing precious information on the oldest local hystory and on the Val Tidone Archaeology.

The archaelogical find

Between all the finds, the most representative one is The Stele di Valeria nardis, dating back to the first Century AD.
It’s representing an unique document, both for an aesthetic quality and another historical value. It maintained all its decorative structure.
Through some studies it was discovered a connection with a Roman family, mentioned in the Tabula Alimentaria of Veleia and another one mentioned in a memorial stone in Arcello di Pianello.
Some many different kinds of finds got founded in this land, as a fragments of a jar, briks, roof tiles.

Archaeology in Val Tidone- The Museum


All the finds were found during the excavations and all their detail information are visible at the Archaeological Museum of Pianello, which is placed in the city tower.
The different sections are dividing the different ages, the copper age, the bronze ageand the iron age, all of them well researched. Plentiful are the finds sourced from the Vicus of Pianello, daily objects from the middle Century BC until the end of the fisrt Century AD.

Piazza Mensi 54 Pianello Val Tidone