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Villages and Castles
Bramaiano, Bettola (PC) ph Archivio IAT Grazzano Visconti Val Nure Val Chero

It is a medieval fortress, probably built by the Nicelli family (owners of this area since the 15th century); the upper structure was enriched with 16th century loggias, which contribute to lighten the austere and massive aspect of the fortress, built only for defence .
Bramaiano castle, also known as “Caminata”, is certainly the most interesting in the municipality of Bettola. It is a solid medieval frtress with 16th century hanging loggias, probably built by the Nicelli family owners of the castle since the 15th century. “Caminata” is different from other fortresses in the same area, robust and sober in their outline but rough and built with poor materials and building techniques. Bramaiano shows this elegant 16th century loggia nested on the massive pre-existing castle that give the building a sense of solemnity and nobleness that mostly characterise castles in Piacenza valley rather than in the mountains. 

Loc. Caminata