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The first documented information about the castle date back to 1466, when the owner was Giovanni Della Guardia. The castle was inherited by his son Giuliano, but after he murdered his brother, the Duke of Milan decided to confiscate his riches in favour of Giacometto Latella. 
The borough and the castle of Ancarano went through hard times in 1521, when they were attacked by the French troops (guided by Giovanni da Birago, survived to an assault to Rivalta fortress), and in 1526 by the Landsknechts. Consideting the strategic importance of the castle, the troops under Federico Dal Verme in 1516, after having conquered Ancarano castle with savage violence, killed the castle owner. From a notary’s act of that period, it is known that the castle was already decaying. In the following centuries, the castle passed on to several owners and in 1704 an oratory was built next to the fortress. Among the events associated to the castle, it is worth mentioning that the Marchioness Teresa Tedaldi, wife to the count Scotti di Vigoleno, was one of the owners through the centuries.
The fortress is still recognisable thanks to the ancient structure, still visible, with circular towers and fortified walls built with large stones. The most recent section of the fortress was deeply transformed between 1500 and 1600, with battlements, elegant windows in Renaissance style.
Today the complex is used as private house, always kept in mint condition. 

Località Ancarano

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