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Statto castle is a fortress located in Travo borough. The castle as building was officially recorded in a document of sale of 1296, where the building was sold by Casellasco dei Casellaschi to Ottone Codognelli. 
It was builf on a hill on the left bank of Trebbia river, in front of Rivergaro village, in order to control the access to the valley in the circuit of fortresses of Rivalta, Montechiaro and Rivergaro, on the opposite side. 
In 1323 the castle was sold to the Anguissola family. After several stages, in 1516 it passed under the domination of Caracciolo until 1896, then under the Figlie della Carità nuns, and back to Orazio Anguissola Scotti in 1926, who renovated it to use the castle as summer manor. 
The current appearance of the building is attributable to Anguissola’s intervention, which refurbished it according to their taste, imitating other manors in their property.
The castle presents a rectangular plan with an internal court and four corner cilyndrical towers. Built with stones and pebbles from Trebbia river, it is composed by three main buildings and a single curtain wall to the south, modified at the end of the 17th century adding battlements and windows. The south-western corner tower presents large arched openings in Renaissance style. Inside there are beautiful frescoed rooms with landscapes, coffer ceilings, a majestic fireplace bearing the Caracciolo’s crest, and a chapel located in one of the towers. 

Strada Provinciale 40, Località Statto

Piazza San Francesco - Bobbio