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Religious architecture

The building is at a few metres from Collegio Alberoni in San Lazzaro district, where it was built in 1962 upon a project by the engineer Cesare Schiaffonati.The complex has a square shape rising around a cloister, which, even though modern, recalls ancient monastries. The concrete arches are octagonanal and enclosed by large windows. Next to the entrance there is the church, with a single nave and characterised by a very simple style. The church preserves some important works coming from the previous church which was on Stradone Farnese, like a canvas by Pasinelli representing Saint John of the Cross, on the apse wall Saint Joseph, the Virgin and Saint Theresa of Avila by Solimena and, finally, a crucifix by an anonymous 17th century painter. The altar is a remarkable sample of 17th century art and, in the vestry, there is a painting by Piero Benvenuto, dating back to the end of the 18th century, representing Our Lady of Sorrows .

Via A. Spinazzi, 36 - San Lazzaro Alberoni

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7:15 am

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7:30 am