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Giana Anguissola

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The female writer Giana Anguissola was one of the best author for kids and teens from our literature.

Life and career

Her birth’s name was Giannina, she was born in 1906 in Piacenza and when she was only sixteen years old she started to write storytelling.

According to a legend, it seems that she introduced herself spontanously to Luigi Albertini, the director of the famous Italian newspaper Il Corriere della Sera, to offer herself as a co-worker.

She worked with many other periodical newspaper of Milan. She wrote for Il Corriere della Sera and for many other relating magazines like La Letteratura, La Domenica del Corriere and Il Corriere dei piccoli. She even signed fashion columns with her  modified name Gianola, according with the fashion stylist Brunetta, also known as Brunetta Mateldi.

On the 3rd of April 1933 she got married with the writer Rinaldo Kufferle. On the 2nd March 1943 Riccardo, her son, was born.

Meanwhile she got her beginning success by her novel Il romanzo di molta gente ( honored by ” Le stanze del libro”, award for young and emerging authors for the Viareggio Prize in 1933).

Giana Anguissola established herself as a writer for teens, writing and publishing novels and short stories usually combined by her graphic illustrations on the ” Corriere dei Piccoli”.

Giana and Literature

Giana focused her work on the litherature for kids and teens with particular storytellings like Il diario di Giulietta(1954), Priscilla(1958) Pierpaola(1959), L’inviata specialissima (1959), Io e mio zio (1960), until the most sucessful one  Violetta la timida (1963). During 1954 with a double edition of Gli eredi del circo Alicante, she reached the Soroptimist Award and with Priscilla she received the Award from the Presidenza del Consiglio and the reference to the International Board on Books for young people.

In 1957 she won Saint Vicent Award for journalism and in 1964 the Bancarellino Award with her most spread novel: Violetta la timida.

For the new TV Channel for teens, she took part to the play of 21 episods of” Diario di Giulietta in 1954 and ” Le avventure di Pinocchio” in 1959.

Giana Anguissola died when she was 60 years old on the 13th February 1966 in Milano, after a long time of illness.

In 2007 was published belated  ” Buona Tavola e belle lettere” original cookbook about Lombardia and Emilia Italian regions’ book. This piece happened through the advice of Orio Vergani, the founder in 1953 of the Cooking Italian Academy.

She remaind in Piacenza’s heart because she used to come and write her stories in the town of Travo. Travo celebrates Giana Anguissola with a Literature Prize entitled to her.

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