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Religious architecture
Santuario Madonna del Pilastro, Gragnano, ph. G. Morganti

The little church was built in 1500 next to a pilaster strip built to commemorate a miracle which had taken place in 1300. The fresco of the madonna dates back to the beginning of 1400 .The frescoes in the presbitery were carried out by followers of the painter Bibiena.The name of the sanctuary derives from a miracle which took place in 1300. According to the legend, a dumb sheperdess began speaking again here after having a vision of the Virgin.At the beginning a pillar was built and it was decorated with a fresco of the Virgin. The church was built in the following century and the fresco has been framed . In 1700 the presbitery was frescoed by Bibbiena’s followers.North of the Sactuary, to commemorate the victims of road accidents, VIA CRUCIS ‘Giubileo 2000’ was built; it’s supplied with a playground, sports centre,area with stone benches and an altar representing the Deposition by prof. Paolo Perotti. The sanctuary commemorates the victims of road accidents from all times and places. The pictures of the casualties are displayed in a memorial chapel.

Località Pilastro, 24 Gragnanino