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The memorial monument (Monumento ai Caduti) for the war dead is placed in the center of the public garden, in front of the School building in Monticelli d’Ongina.

The sculpture

The pedestal, in Rezzato stone, stands on a square basement. The baseboard and its top are wrapped on the corners by embossed laurel branches.
On top of it there’s a Carrara marble sculpture. It composed by a naked dying male figure and on its back a female figure opening its big wings. She is representing the Victory allegory; she is kissing and hugging the martyr, in the meanwhile she crowns him with a laurel branch.
At the front, on the baseboard of the pedestal, a shield, a helmet and a laurel branch lay on a flag. On the shield appear the date and the slogan “pro patria pugnavit” (He fought for the Country).

The author of the Monumento ai caduti (Memorial War Dead Monument)

The monument was made by Francesco Riccardo Monti from Cremona (1888-1958). It was created between 1919-1920.
Originally the sculpture should be in bronze, but the Majority following the suggestion of the Interdepartmental Committee for the war Industry, refused to buy the 20 tons of bronze.

The monument was restored in 2003; on the stele there is the list of people dead during the Second War World.

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