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MONUMENTO AI CADUTI (memorial monument)

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Monumento ai caduti, Agazzano, ph Archivio

The war memorial monument is placed at the center of the main square of Agazzano, to the side of the town council.

The sculpture

The bronze sculpture is set on a basement made by some big rough stones, imitating a rocky soil in front of a mountain.
The movement representation shows two soldiers in a dramatic moment: the scene is composed by an hurt soldier, who is falling on the rocks, with his body laid on the back. The other soldier is supporting the body with his left arm and with the other hand is throwing a bomb against the enemy.

The author of the war memorial monument

The sculpture was made by Ugo Rancati ( 1895-1976), a sculptor from Piacenza.
Ugo Rancati made the monuments in Cortemaggiore, San Giorgio Piacentino, Piozzano and Pianello Val Tidone too.
In 2010 The war memorial in Agazzano was renovated soonsored by the local section of the veterans Association.
To the basement of the monument some plaques were set as a memory of the II World War victims and of the liberation war.

The place

Agazzano is situated in Val Luretta, between the Trebbia and Tidone rivers. The Castel of Agazzano is part of the Castelli del Ducato tour.


Piazza Agazzano