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Industrial archaeology
Mulino di Riè, lungo il torrente Perino (PC). Archivio ANSPI Calenzano

Mulino di Rié is located in one of the most fascinating and suggestive natural areas in Piacenza province: the paths to Perino waterfalls.

A milestone along the paths to Perino waterfalls is Mulino di Riè (Rié’s Mills), a typical rural architecture that witnesses an ancient local activities.
Along Perino stream there were numerous mills, which blades worked thanks to the water flowing in currents. 

Mulino di Riè was composed by two different blocks. The section on top is the ancient mill, built before the 19th century; the downstream section, on the other hand, constituted the mill built during the 19th century. The rooms inside the mill were located at different heights:in the lower part there were the machines to grind the wheat, while the upper part housed the miller.  
Of the milling system still remain the machines of the most recent mill: the two stone blades, the pivot, the outside wheel and the channel for water drainage. Still visible are the pivot of the ancient wheel and the place where the water basin with supply water for the wheel stood. The historical and productive importance of the mill has been recently recognised so that in 2009 Mulino di Rié had its stone sheet roof and outside wheel fully restored. 

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