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Villages and Castles
Castello di Paderna, Pontenure (PC) ph sito Castelli del Ducato, Castello di Paderna
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It dates back to the 11th century; in 1453 San Savino’s monks handed it over to the nobleman Melchiorre Marazzani. It became a very efficient defensive, residential and farming fortress.
The castle complex has a square plan and is divided by a transverse wall into an ancient, residential area on the eastern side and a farming area on the western side. The most characteristic aspects are the inner wards, the entrance tower and the water tower , due to the presence of a moat on two sides.
Its presently a private residence and an organic farmhouse. Openings: from mid March to the end of October on festive days for visitors, all the year round for groups upon reservation.
Closed in August.
Guided tours are included in the ticket price.
The castle is part of Associazione Castelli del Ducato di Parma e Piacenza.

Guided tours on opening hours; the castle is available also for ceremonies, conferences, annual events such as “Frutti Antichi” exhibition.


Weekday timetable:
Saturday 10.00 am-11.00 am guided tours. Tours are available also upon reservation in other days of the week.

Holiday timetable:
Sunday 10.00 am-11.00 am. Tours can be booked in advance also in other opening hours.


Admission prices:
7,00 Euros

Reduced prices:
Children up to 10 years old, owners of Card del Ducato and FAI members 6,00 Euros.

Cumulative prices:
Groups of at least 20 people 6,00 Euros.