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Piacenza, Casa natale di Pietro Giordani, Archivio Comune di Piacenza

Pietro Giordani was born in Piacenza on the 1st January 1774 and he died in Parma on the 2nd September 1848.

The fame

He was considered one of the most famous Italian writers, he was friend of Giacomo Leopardi, who defined him as “dear and image of a good father”; in the politic sphere Pietro Giordani supported Carlo Cattaneo.

He started his law studies and he finished them only for his parents will, his real interests were History and Classical Languages.
He tried to emancipated himself from his family training as priest, but soon he realised that the clerical experience wasn’t close to his personality.
During the Napoleon invasion, Pietro Giordani got some opportunities in different places of the Italian peninsula. Actually during the early years of the XIX Century, he experimented writing. In 1815 he was part of the editorial staff of La Biblioteca Italiana,with Vincenzo Monti. That was an important experiece, during which Pietro Giordani published essays and took care of some translations.

Vibrant journeys and happy moments for Pietro Giordani belonged to his florentine time, when actually he got the opportunity to take part to the local cultural institutes.

Because of some unclear issues, he got to move back to the Duchy, where he spent his last years living in Parma.

Pietro Giordani and politics

As a great intellectual, he was engaged in the political scene of the Country, in the specific plan to free Italy from Austrian domination.

He supported Pio IX as a pope of freedom, but during his last years Pietro Giordani changed his mind.

Against to his will, he had a public funeral and he got buried among the eminent personalities of the Cemetery La Villetta in Parma.

In Piacenza city a street and a school were named after him.


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