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Castello di Podenzano (PC) ph Archivio IAT Grazzano Visconti Valnure Valchero

The castle dates back to the 12th century: the walls are all made of stone, it has a square plan with four towers in the corners:two of the towers are rectangular and two are square. Throughout the centuries the building has changed several owners, who have transformed it a lot.

AT PRESENT, THE CASTLE IS BOTH PRIVATE RESIDENCE AND HOSTS THE MUNICIPAL OFFICES.In 1152 the castle belonged to Malaspina: his estates ranged from Lunigiana to Piacenza’s high Valleys.
Due to the frequent fights against Piacenza’s inhabitants, the Malaspinas withdrew. In the 12th and 13th century the castle was involved in fights between the nobles and the people.The fights became worse when fractions allied with emeperor Frederick II or with pope Gregorio IX.
The fights for supremacy over Italy seriously endamaged Podenzano castles and several more in the area. In 1466 it was purchased by the Anguissola family, and there were no other changes until the end of Feudalism in the 18th century.

Podenzano, via Montegrappa 100
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