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Villages and Castles
Il castello di Riva, Ponte dell'Olio (PC) ph Fausto Bessi

According to an inscription, the castle was built in 1277; it has a trapezoidal plan, and in each corner there are towers having different shape and dimensions; its made above all of stones and pebbles from the river Nure.
In the Middle ages the castle offered shelter to the inhabitants of the area, when wars made it necessary: but the inhabitants were in charge of maintenance in case of damage caused by war.
It belonged to the Anguissola family and to Ottavio Farnese.
Now it’s private and closed to the public.
Restored in the 19th century, it’s neogthic in style ; it currently belongs.Concerts are held in the castle during the year.CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC, VISIBLE ONLY FROM THE OUTSIDE( OPEN ONLY ON SPECIAL OCCASIONS).

Viale del Castello, 2 - Vigolzone