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Religious architecture
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Rebuilt in 1522 over the ancient romanesque church dating back to 969,it was an important baptismal parish church dedicated to the first apostle. It underwent several stylistic changes, with successive additions. As a consequence, the façade is in Romanesque style, but the portals are in Baroque style.Worth mentioning inside are the frescoes representing the Holy Virgin, attributed to Della Robbia, and Bibena’s ornament painting.The mortal remains of S. Orsola are preserved inside. In the 5th century the saint, who lived in England, at the time threatened by Saxon invasions, hid in a monastery. She was then slaughtered by Attila’s soldiers in Koln. Her relics, after prophecies and upon will of a family who had been under her protection, were brought first to Piacenza and then to S.Pietro in Cerro’s church.

via Roma, 38
Weekday timetable: 8.00 am -12.00 pm/3.00 pm-6.00 Holiday timetable: 8.00 am -12.00 pm/3.00 pm-6.00