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Religious architecture
Sacra Famiglia, ph Archivio Comune di Piacenza

The church is in the Infrangibile district, west of town. In 1938 an episcopal delegation was built, followed by a small church in via Montebello. In 1951 the area opposite via Montebello was purchased and a new temple was built. The project was given to the architect Pietro Berzolla. In 1953 the church was appointed vicarage: two years later works started and in 1957 the building was opened to cult. The church has a single nave with side chapels and a one-spire façade with three lancet arches creating a strong chiaroscuro effect. There are frescoes by Luciano Ricchetti who painted a Sacred Heart in the first chapel on the right, a Holy Family in the apse and a Holy Virgin in the first chapel on the left; Ludovico Mosconi and William Xerra carried out the cycle of Mysteries in the Rosary on the arch which marks the presbiterium. Paolo Perotti carried out the sculptures in the presbiterium and a Resurrected Christ.

The inside is richly recorated by Ricchetti and Guglielmetti.

Via Casteggio 24, Piacenza (PC), Emilia Romagna

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8.00 am – 8.00 pm

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