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Villages and Castles
Rocca di San Giorgio a San Giorgio Piacentino; ph. Archivio Rocca di San Giorgio

San Giorgio stronghold dates back to the end of the 16th century. It was built as military fortress to support San Giorgio Castle, which today hosts the Municipality offices. 
In 1630 it was transformed into a villa, with guest rooms decorated by frescoes by the painter Felice Biella from Milan.
In 1830 the architect Antonio Tomba restored the country houses in front of the stronghold and transformed them into barchesse, or rural utility building, with a long portico and two glasshouses on the eastern and western sides of the complex. 
Upon suggestion from Maria Luigia d’Austria, duchess of Parma and Piacenza, the villa has an English garden that we can still see today, which substituted the Italian-style garden. 
The entrance to the building is framed by two beautiful neo-Gothic towers on the balconies of barchesse dating back to 1890. 

The first count of San Giorgio village was Alessandro Anguissola; subsequently the estate passed on to the family of counts Scotti della Scala. Today the villa is owned by the heirs of Gazzola family. The stronghold is still a private residence, but it is possible to rent some rooms for events, ceremonies, exhibitions, gala dinners, conferences, meetings, important events and weddings. It is also possible to book a guided tour for groups of 15/20 people, preferably on Saturday and festive days. 

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