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Madonna delle Rose a San Damiano (PC)

San Damiano, a little village in the municipality of San Giorgio Piacentino, is located 20 kilometers from Piacenza on the right bank of the Nure river. This little village became important through the appearance of the “Virgin Mary of roses”.

The first appearance happened on the 6th October 1964 to Rosa Buzzini Quattrini. Since that moment many visitors and pilgrims came from abroad and all over the country to visit the spot.

Short summary of the Appearance of Virgin Mary:

The first appearance: Friday, 16th October 1964
Everything started that specific Friday, in San Damiano, small village in Piacenza land between the flat land and the first hills of the Apennines.
It was midday and Rosa, a simple farmer, wife and mother, was praying the Angelus, she heard a voice calling her: “Come, come, I’m waiting for you!”
Rosa reached her garden and she suddenly saw a white cloud covering her plumb tree and many golden and silver stars and many colourful roses.
After that she saw a red sphere falling from the sky, it leaned on the pear tree on the side. The Virgin Mary came out from the red sphere with a bright light, wearing on her head a crown which shape was similar to Saint Peter’ dome in Rome.

Rosa was praying.
Virgin Mary disappeared on that day, and the pear tree bloomed.
The day after a branch of the plumb tree, touched by Virgin Mary bloomed too.
During the next three weeks, thousand of people came there to see the two bloomed trees, despite the fall heavy rains. Soon the bloomed pear tree was full of fruits. After that, every Fridays, at midday, Virgin Mary appeared to Rosa.
Every week these happenings were accompanied to unexplained events.
During an appearance on the 26th May 1967, Virgin Mary said that the water of San Damiano village was “the holiest water of the world”.
Rosa Buzzini Quattrini (1909-1981) left a great witness of faith. She was the founder of the “work of faith of the Città delle Rose”.
Place: the appearance happened into the garden of the house in Borgo Paglia of San Damiano.

The message:

Virgin Mary asks the convertion, a return to prayer and a intimate life with God and a sharing attitude with the others: “Praying, loving, suffering, being silent”.

The appearances were not recognized as authentic by the Catholic Church.

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