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Castello di Gropparello (PC) foto da sito

In Piacenza land everyone knows about the mystery of the Gropparello castle.

The tradition tells

Around the middle of the XIII century, during one of the frequent battles between local feudal lords, Pietrone da Cagnano, one of the lord of this area, left for the war, leaving alone his beautiful wife Rosania Fulgosio.
Without its owner, the castle was conquered by a chief of the Pallavicino marquise.
His name was Lancillotto Anguissola, he was a former lover of Rosania. They got in love quickly and for some time Lancillotto decided to live inside of the castle with his love, before coming back to fight.

When Pietrone came back from the war, he decided to prepair an awful revenge. Obsessed by the jealousy, he ordered to build a room in the underground area of the castle, a secret space, hidden by stones and rocks. During a rich banquet, he sedated his wife and buried her alive in the room.

How the mystery of the castle was created

The room has never been found, but according to the legend, during the windy nights it is possible to hear a voice asking for help. It’s the suffering spirit of Rosania, she got buried alive in the castle dungeon.

You can watch the video recorded in the castle.

The castle of Gropparello  is located up to the hills of Piacenza, in Chero valley. The structure is open to tourists, inside it’s set the fairy-tales Park, and in the same area it’s possible to visit the natural beauties of the Gole del Velzzeno.


Viale del Castello, 2 - Vigolzone