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The oldest battle on Trebbia River

In 218 b.C., the same year of the Piacenza city foundation, an important battle was fought on Trebbia river. It was a decisive one during the second Punic war. The Carthaginian army, led by Hannibal Barca, was settled on the left bank of the river in Tavernago around Agazzano area, it fought against the Roman army, which was settled on the right bank, probably around Niviano and Ancarano, near Rivergaro.
The fight was really hard and the Roman army, led by the consuls P. Cornelio Scipione and Sempronio Longo, was signally defeated and they were forced to retreat to Piacenza. The cold water of the river, overflowing by the rain, made the Roman retreat even more difficult. Because of it only 12.000 soldiers were able to reach the city.

Trebbia River scene of many battles

But this battle wasn’t the only one fought on the Trebbia river banks.
In 1746 the French-Spanish forces fought against the Austrian army, ally to the king of Sardinia. The Austrian army won, occupying the enemy territory, while the French fled. On the 18th June 1799, the French army and the Austrian and Russian ally, moved to Italy with the aim to win back the land conquered by Napoleon.
Once again the Austrians won, mainly helped by the forces of the Russian General Souwaroff. But in this case the battle was a bloodbath: 16.000 soldiers died, from the French side they got 7.000 wounded and 5.000 prisoners.
The San Sisto, San Bartolomeo, San Francesco and San Giovanni Churches in Piacenza, became military Hospitals for Austrian and Russian wounded soldiers, while Sant’ Agostino Church was hosting the French ones.
At the entrance of the Trebbia bridge, on the Emilia Parmense street, a stone column was raised in memory of these fundamental events of the human history.


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