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Villa Braghieri, Castel San Giovanni, Archivio Storico Comune

Villa Braghieri was built at the end of 1600 upon request of count Daniele Chiapponi, who wanted to spend there his vacations out of town.It was finished at the end of 1700; when the Albesani family became the new owner, this mansion was transformed into an important centre of civil and cultural debate in the community, a meeting point of famous local people. In the twentieth century the new owner, the lawyer Mr Braghieri, left it in his will to the Council of Castelsangiovanni.  The villa has 23 rooms, some of which are very richly furnished.Recent restoration works brought to light the notable architectural value of the building for its fine decorations in stucco and tempera. Camera Svizzera (Swiss Chamber) presents some “papier peint” on the walls, produced in Alsace. More stucco decorations can be seen in Sala della Musica (Music Room), Salotto Rosso (Red Chamber) and Sala della caccia (Hunting Room).Sala del Biliardo (Billiard Room) offers some elegant tempera decorations along with the Music Room, the historical library and on the upper floor in Camera dell’angelo Angel Room), in the reception room, the guest room and in the beautiful Bagno Rosa (Pink bathroom).Thanks to the restoration activity funded by the regional institute for cultural heritage, the artistic patrimony of this villa has been preserved to make it available to visitors.
The rustic part of the building contains the historical archive and the library, while in the cellars there is the ethnological museum, where archaeological remains, fossils and old agricultural tools are displayed. An interesting collection of ancient solid measurement tools is also displayed. Besides, there are photographs dating back to the ’30s and ’40s.

via Emilia Piacentina, 31/via Mulini (parcheggio) Castel San Giovanni

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9.30 am – 12.30 am / 2.30 pm – 6.30 pm


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Free entrance