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Villa Caramello, ph ufficiale sito

Villa Caramello is located at the center of a large estate, to the entrance of the Tidone valley, in Castel San Giovanni.

The story of Villa Caramello

Originally it was a fortress, as proved by the plan and the sloping walls. The current look and the transformation into Villa were commissioned by Marchese Gaetano Paveri Fontana during the beginning of the XVIII century.
The transformation project of the castle took place in 1739 with the intervention of the famous set-designer and architect Ferdinando Galli Bibiena.

The current layout

Currently the villa has a tree-lined boulevard access, one kilometers long. The villa’s building is preceded by a big accessible fishpond. It’s decorated by some vessels and sculptures to the front of the building. The facade has some doors and windows with a roman topping, typical style of Bibiena. It is divided in four main structures, placed around the central courtyard.

The rear wing of the villa was mainly used as representative spaces, it’s carachterised by double-nave loggia and a majestic staircase.
The main interior spaces are: the elegant San Gaetano Chapel refined with some plaster decorations, the upper Gallery with some trompe l’oeil by Francesco Natali, the double size honor Hall and  the Tea Room.

The renovation work got the Gazzola award in 2008.
Villa Caramello is part of the Dimore storiche italiane Association.

Loc. Caramello, Fontana Pradosa