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Villa Verdi a Sant'Agata di Villanova. Foto: Villa Verdi

One cannot say to know Giuseppe Verdi if they have never been to the house which hosted him for a long time, the house he loved coming back to after his trips in Italy and Europe. Villa Verdi in Sant’Agata, a small village near Villanova sull’Arda, was bought by Giuseppe Verdi in 1848 and he started living there from 1851, leaving his indelible mark as time went by.
In fact, Verdi indicated through sketches and notes the kind of materials he wanted to be used as well as details of how he wanted the original house to be enlarged, until it became as he pictured it in his mind and as we can see it today.
The most famous Italian composer lived and worked here, plunged into the isolation necessary to his creative genius and his character, shy and reserved. The old manor house, bought by Verdi, thus became in a few years the place where all aesthetic canons of time and his personal taste perfectly match: the most attentive visitor can understand and admire this balance still today.
Today Villa Verdi, which never changed since the days when the composer used to live here, represents the best interpreting key to understand the immortal spirit of the genius of Verdi as well as his human nature. On the outside there is an English landscape garden where Verdi’s dogs were buried, with numerous rare plants, a small pond and sculptures from the Venetian Giuseppe Torretti coming from Villa Pallavicino in Busseto.

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Via Verdi, 22
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9 Euros, including the guided tour

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7,50 Euros including guided visit, Schools € 5 including guided tour


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