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Allegro con Brio

Teatini, Piacenza,ph.

The “Allegro con brio” festival presents five concerts open to the city at the Sala dei Teatini, from April 14 to June 9, 2024 at 5 p.m.

Nicolini Conservatory Wind Orchestra

When: Sunday, April 14, 5 p.m.
Where: Sala dei Teatini
Conductor Daniele Balleello. Twentieth-century and contemporary program.

Duke Ellington. Sacred Concerts

When: Sunday, April 28, 5 p.m.
Where: Sala dei Teatini
With Big Band of the Nicolini Conservatory, director Antonio Ciacca.
With Placentia Gospel Choir led by Francesco Zarbano.
With Tommaso Pedrazzoli, tap dancer.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Youth sonatas for flute and piano

When: Sunday, May 12, 5 p.m.
Where: Sala dei Teatini
Patrizia Bernelich on piano and Elena Cecconi on flute.

Youth Orchestra of the Via Emilia

When: Sunday, May 26, 5 p.m.
Where: Sala dei Teatini
Conductor Alpaslan Ertüngealp.
Music by Verdi, Puccini and Beethoven.

Reynaldo Hahn. The secret of singing

When: Sunday, June 9, 5 p.m.
Where: Teatini Hall
Students of the Upper Biennium of Vocal Chamber Music.
Claudio Moneta, actor.

  • Sala dei Teatini - Via Scalabrini, 9 - Piacenza
  • Salone dei Concerti del Conservatorio Nicolini - Via Santa Franca, 35 - Piacenza
14 April - 9 June 2024
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