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Appennino festival


Music festival born out of a passion for that part of the Apennines that forms the border between Piacenza, Genoa, Pavia and Alessandria.

This physical landscape is matched by a soundscape of great vitality and beauty that includes numerous dance forms and singing styles.

An ancient tradition made up of peculiar musical instruments and songs was built along the Abbots Way, a route that like the more renowned Via Francigena connected continental Europe to the Mediterranean. Even today, songs that recall the Provence of the Troubadours remain alive close to these borders.

Discover the full program

  • Primissima Viola -1 Agosto - Pillori - Travo
  • Riccardo Tesi e Banditaliana - 2 Agosto - Teatro Organico Pietra Perduca - Travo
  • Radicanto - 3 Agosto - Via Don Luigi Calderoni, 1 - Rivergaro
  • and others places
1 August - 8 December 2022
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