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Locandina Controcorrente_Travo

The Anguissola Castle in Travo hosts an exhibition of contemporary art, organised by the Sine Tempore Association.

Controcorrente (Countercurrent)

When: 9-30 September 2023
Where: Anguissola Castle, Travo

Twenty artists from Italy, Brazil, Poland and Germany exhibit together after a period of sharing and dialogue on their personal artistic research. The exhibition proposes a vision of Art as a central element, returning to its social function as an element of common understanding.

The artists: Thomas Arcari, Donatella Borsotti, Boz, Lino Budano, Francesca Camboni, Marci Ceruti, Lucio De Luca, Vando Figueiredo, Simona Gastaldi, Mariola Landowska, Francesco Manlio Lodigiani, Giuseppe Lombardo, Davide Malvo, Pamela Marenghi, Rudy Milani, Tiziana Anna Paffile, Carla Piazza, Mario Righi, Tommaso Villani, Brigitte von Humboldt. A special section is dedicated to the memory of Marco Consensi.
Curators: Rossella Farina and Gianluigi Zoncati.

Opening event on Saturday 9 September, 6 p.m.

  • Castello Anguissola - Travo
9 - 30 September 2023
but monday e wednesday
September 9, 2023, 18:00