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Corteo Storico di Grazzano Visconti

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Corteo storico grazzano visconti, Archivio Immagini Pro Loco Grazzano Visconti

On the last Sunday in May in the village of Grazzano Visconti, the

Corteo Storico(Historical Procession)

When: 26th May 2024
Where: in the streets of Grazzano Visconti

The event recalls a procession that took place in the 14th century. At that time, Count Giovanni Anguissola gave hospitality to Valentina, who was the Lady of Asti, and was passing through the area on her way to France, where she was to meet her future husband, the Duke of Orléans.

The event takes place and in this village in the area of Piacenza(Nure Valley), which revives the charm of the Middle Ages through the eyes and design of Giuseppe Visconti di Modrone. A Milanese nobleman who inherited the castle in the early 20th century. Thanks to the contribution of architect Alfredo Campanini, the village and castle took on the form that can still be seen today. A place that re-proposes the idea of the self-sufficient medieval village, equipped with all services with the institution at the centre, that is, the school centred on the teaching of handicrafts.
The village also reveals, in the views and buildings, the passion for the theatrical arts of its inventor, who first wanted to stage this procession.

During the re-enactment, each square features a different show: jugglers, musicians, jesters, magicians, archers, medieval games, the soldiers’ camps, the tournament of arms.

  • Grazzano Visconti - Via Carla Erba, 1 - Vigolzone
May 26, 2024