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dAS Festival 

Congresses and conferences
Lara Russo, Wood, foto di Grazia Perilli

From 14 to 16 September 2023 the first multidisciplinary festival dedicated to the arts of dance and choreography, promoted by the De Arte Saltandi Cultural Association, opens in Piacenza

dAS Festival

When: 14-16 September 2023
Where: various locations

A Palazzo is the subtitle of the inaugural edition: exceptionally hosted in Palazzo Anguissola di Cimafava Rocca, it proposes a reflection on the theme of living in a figurative and literal sense.
The Festival is dedicated to Domenichino da Piacenza, considered the first choreographer in the history of Western dance and the author of the first humanistic essay on dance entitled “De Arte Saltandi et Choreas Ducendi”. The idea of inhabiting and revitalising the spaces of a historical palace is inspired by the cultural context of Domenichino’s time, who worked in this type of venue, organising parties and ceremonies for his patrons.

dAS Festival proposes a series of events in the Anguissola Palace, in RatHaus and Biffi Arte, also thanks to the generous collaboration of the palace’s owners, the financial support of the Fondazione di Piacenza e Vigevano, Steriltom and Crédit Agricole, and the collaboration of Biffi Arte, the RatHaus Cultural Association and the Concorto Film Festival.
The programme includes performances, shows, conferences, short film projections, free workshops for children and guided tours of the palace (14-15 September).

The complete programme can be found online.


  • Palazzo Anguissola di Cimafava Rocca - Via Giordani, 2 - Piacenza
  • Rathaus - Via Giordani, 2 - Piacenza
  • Galleria Biffi Arte - Via Chiapponi, 39 - Piacenza
14 - 16 September 2023
+ 39 351.7179470