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Joseph Beuys/Enzo Cucchi


The Alfabetobianco Gallery in Piacenza presents an exhibition dedicated to two protagonists of contemporary art

Joseph Beuys/Enzo Cucchi

When: until 30 September 2023
Where: Via Nova, Piacenza

Beuys is told through works that refer to themes dear to the artist: in “3 Ton edition” the contrast between the West in which social systems are based on the power of capital and the East characterised by the power of despotic and totalitarian bureaucracy is made explicit. Other capital works in the exhibition are ‘La rivoluzione siamo noi’ and ‘Capri battery’.

Cucchi dialogues with Beuys’ works starting from the sign matrix and arriving at the involvement of the viewers, an aspect dear to Beuys.

  • Alfabetobianco - Via Nova - Piacenza
28 May - 30 September 2023