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La Notte di Aloisa

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notte di aloisa

On the evening of 30th September, starting at 7 p.m., the spectacular setting of Grazzano Visconti will host

La notte di Aloisa(The night of Aloisa)

The lady who lived in the castle died because she was often abandoned and betrayed by her husband. According to legend, her ghost appeared to the owner of the castle, who returned her likeness in sculptural form. Since then, it has been a tradition to bring the statue of Aloisa gifts that make her feel loved and appreciated.

The 2023 edition is dedicated to Pirates. The feast is attended by English nobles, from Her Majesty’s Governor, along with privateers and pirates.
At the “Taverna dello sguercio” and strolling through the village, tavern brawls and sword fights will be encountered. Music will resound through the streets and performances will be seen.

Participation is free, themed clothing appreciated.
Restaurants in the village will offer special menus.

  • Cortevecchia - Grazzano Visconti - Vigolzone
Sep 30, 2023
+ 39 0523 870997