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La Zobia(Carnival)

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Zobia, Fiorenzuola d'Arda, ph. Archivio Comune di Fiorenzuola

La Zobia is a unique historical Carnival, which has been invading the streets of Fiorenzuola d’Arda‘s centre since the late Middle Ages with its crazy antics.

A true open-air theatre where, during the parade of floats and handcrafted carts, everyone improvises as an actor, interacting with the public through jokes and dialectal sketches, without a mask, however…. already because traditionally the Zobia wants their faces uncovered.

A local carnival made of new wine, merriment and good food.

A carnival as simple as it is sincere and authentic, because it is built with the passion of the people.

Did you know…?

1946 was the year when the collective joy for regained freedom triumphed. Participants in the parade met in bars, assigning each other different names. It was compulsory to show one’s face uncovered but with conspicuous make-up. Everyone had to appear, however, showing their identity. ‘La compagnia del fiore’ took part in the carnival parade with a float called ‘II re dell’allegria’ (The King of Merriment), a large gang in which people played and sang.

By some accounts, the float, but it would be better to say a small cart, became part of the tradition for the first time. […] In 1948, ‘La Compagnia del Fiore’ tried its hand at the farce called ‘II Re dei somari’ (The Donkey King), a float in which people played and sang, followed by a float on which a donkey made of wood and papier-mâché was placed, followed by a real donkey. […] Every carnival was the right occasion to take a resounding jig: so the chorus of braying was echoed by the gurgling of the wine coming down from the barrels, so much so that even the poor animal was made to take part in the great drinking”.

Freely excerpted from ‘Let’s go Zobia. Tradition and aesthetics of the Fiorenzuolano Carnival’. Rino Bertoni, 2001

Programme 2023

When: Saturday 18 February

  • Schools in Zobia 09:30 -11:30
  • Children’s Zobia 14:30
  • Float parade 21:00
  • Live with DJ Giorgio Prezioso 23:00

When: Sunday 19 February

  • Float Parade 14:30
  • Live with artist 18:00
  • Awards ceremony and final baraonda 19:00
  • Fiorenzualo d'Arda - Fiorenzuola d'Arda
18 - 19 February 2023
+ 39 333.9887088