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Le Regine di Sergio Brizzolesi


The Gropparello community hosts a monographic exhibition from April to October

Le regine di Sergio Brizzolesi(The Queens of Sergio Brizzolesi)

Dates: 2 April – 1 October 2023
Place: Società Operaia di Mutuo Soccorso Gropparello, via Roma 16/18
Hours: Saturday, Sunday and holidays: 10-12 a.m. – 3-6 p.m.

Sergio Brizzolesi’s sculpture exhibition in Gropparello represents an artist’s encounter with his home town. The exhibition consists of a series of important sculptures whose protagonists are female figures that generally have classical postures, but are animated by a restless spirit of modernity.
Brizzolesi was born in Gropparello on 4 August 1933, studied at the Gazzola Institute in Piacenza, and then began a series of moves, first to Caracas, then to Milan, where he attended Brera and established himself in the artistic environment.
The Queens took shape during his maturity, when the restlessness of youth gave way to completed lines and more harmonious surfaces.
Among the most important public commissions: the statue of Sant’Antonino for Piacenza and the portrait of Verdi that welcomed the patrons of Expo 2015 at the Italy stand.

In Gropparello, Brizzolesi’s works can be admired in the following places:

● Church of Santa Maria Assunta
● Old School (war memorial)
● Sala Consigliare (bas-relief)
● Family House (bas-relief on the façade)
● Cemetery
● New school complex
● Town Hall
● Piazza Roma
● Artist’s House in Via Eccidio dei Guselli

  • Le Regine di Sergio Brizzolesi - Via Roma, 16/18 - Gropparello
2 April - 1 October 2023
saturday e sunday
+ 39 329.2177861