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Michele De Lucchi. With the hands and the mind


The Art Gallery Volumnia inside the former Church of S. Agostino hosts the exhibition

Michele De Lucchi. With the hands and the mind

When: from 8 April to 29 June 2024
Where: Volumnia, Stradone Farnese 33, Piacenza

Forty years of experimentation between art, design, and architecture
Curated by Paola Nicolin

It explores his wide-ranging production, from architectural models to his experimental design objects from Produzione Privata, as well as sculptures and artworks.
For over forty years, Michele De Lucchi has been active in the fields of architecture, interior and product design, graphics, and installations, with projects that push beyond the boundaries of what has already been imagined and built. But his main source of inspiration in this professional world lies in a more intimate ‘hands-on’ process, where working manually in direct contact with matter, the architect is free to create new forms, beyond any practical or functional constraints. For De Lucchi, working with hands allows thought to directly connect with the physicality of the real world. In this manual- mental process, the idea is thus turned into a signifying object.

Free entrance.

  • Volumnia - Stradone Farnese, 33 - Piacenza
8 April - 29 June 2024
but sunday
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