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Una boccata d’arte in Travo

foto Comune Travo

The project “Una boccata d’arte” at its 4th edition is hosted by the village of Travo in Val Trebbia. In the castle there is an exhibition of an international artist:

La montagna è ancora in movimento – لا يزالُ الجبلُ يتحرّك (The mountain is still moving)

When: 24 june – 24 september 2023
Where: Castello Anguissola, Piazza Trieste, 16 – Travo

The exhibition of the Palestinian artist and architect Raghad Saqfalhait is part of her project The Geography of Craft, started in Jerusalem in 2021, that is a deep investigation about the territory and the landscape with both a symbolic and a realistic approach.

Opening hours:
Thu – Fri  16 – 23
Sat – Sun 10 -12; 18 – 23

Not easily accessible to people with disabilities.

  • Castello Anguissola - Piazza Trieste, 16 - Travo
24 June - 24 September 2023
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