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This itinerary enables to explore some Valleys in Piacenza’s province that are not very crowded, but nevertheless beautiful.The track is a ring developing along the banks of Tidone and Chiarone’s streams, and passes by the most interesting places of the area.THE TRACK: Crossing by car the bridge over the Tidone stream leading to Pianello, turn left to reach the the village sports area, where it’s easier to park the car and get ready for the ride.Riding the Mtb, go back to the main road on the left which goes round the town centre; before going out, turn left towards Arcello, go along the road passing by the cemetery and following the Tidone in its flow downwards. You’ll reach a junction, that, on the right, will take you directly to Arcello, while, if you go straight along,it meets the panoramic road arriving in Agazzano,and from here arrives to Arcello more softly. Once reached the little village, pass by it and go straight along until, after the cemetery, the road becomes a path and you meet another junction:on the right there’s a deep ascent, go along the crest up to Poggio delle Oche , till you pass the repeater. When you have to cross the wood the sheep-way divides into two parts, and even if the two ramifications come together later, staying on the left is recommended. Once come out of the little wood proceed on the beaten track, go across a landslip which has demolished a farmhouse and you’ll reach Azzano,where you’ll take the asphalted road. Turn left and go on till you reach the panoramic road coming from Piozzano. Here stay on the right, passing by S.Nazzaro di Pavarano and, at the further junction, turn right:you’ll soon meet an interesting restored fortress called Ardara. Just after the fortress, on the right, you’ll leave the asphalted road through a white path you’ll go along without making any bend till you reach case Lubbiazzi; on the left, a sheep track borders and finally meets a road which will lead you, if you stay on the left, to Marzonago. Going further on you’ll pass by the old Pecorara and, passing over the “official” Pecorara head for Monte Aldone, along a white road sweetly ascending up to 630 metres from the pass. After crossing you’ll start to descend, and, since the slope isn’t excessive,you’ll be able to admire the beautiful Rocca d’Olgisio and the so called ” San Martino’s” sandstone rocks. When you reach the main road coming from Pianello, turn left towards Case Comaschi.Here you’ll take a descending sheep-track which goes by case Varesi; stay on the left and you’ll reach the by-road which borders the Tidone stream and will lead you to the point of departure.

Pianello Val Tidone

Piazzale Rio Carona - Castel San Giovanni