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Only few minutes away from Rivalta, towards Travo, there is the splendid area of Croara with its century-old wood of deciduous trees on the side of Val Trebbia hills.
From the point of view of flora, this wood is one of the few remaining examples of Foresta Planiziale, which is the ancient environment typical of Pianura Padana before the 11th century. For this reason, Croara wood is part of the protected area of Parco Regionale del Trebbia.
This wood is rich in oaks and other deciduous trees that cover the left side of Trebbia river bank, and survived until today thanks to the owners of the area, who used this area to feed Limousine breed cattle. Cornish oaks, Austrian oaks, and downy oaks dominate the wood, but the undergrowth presents rare and protected species such as the red lily and several orchids (among which there is the Platanthera clorantha).

Over the past few years, Croara wood has become an important venue for mountain lovers and mountain bike athletes.

Length: 4 km
Difficulty: easy
Walking time: 1 hour

Loc. Buriacchina di Croara

Piazzale Rio Carona - Castel San Giovanni