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Penice, Penna, Pennino, Pennula, Alpi Pennine, Apennine. Pen God, the Father of the world for “Ligures” ancient people, has influencenced Northern Italy’s toponyms, mostly in Piacenza’s province. This itinerary suggests a mountain bike ride accessible to everybody on Monte Penice, the mountain dominating Bobbio, always loved by Piacenza’s inhabitants.
THE TRACK After leaving the car at Passo Penice (1000 m) in the wide existing parking take the ascending asphalted road leading after about 2 km to the oratory on the top of the Mountain; the oratory dates back to Longobardic times . From the top of the mountain, the biker may observe the imposing Monte Lesima . Going back to the main road, an evident descending path on the left leads to the meadows amid the coniphers. After taking the sheep track, the path, easy at the beginning, becomes a steepy and deceitful descent among scrubs. We recommend less expert bikers to walk holding their bike in that part of the path. At the end of the 1500 m slope, you’ll reach, already in Pavia’s province, the meadows dominating Passo della Scaparina, where you may find a refreshment area. At Passo della Scaparina take the asphalted road leading to Ceci’s little village Ceci,; after some hudred metres you’ll have to go along an evident bridle path which begins on the right in steep ascent . Such way will later become flat and, in about 4 km, it will go around Monte Penice. The track offers beautiful views of Trebbia Valley and of Bobbio’s area .The bridle path frequerntly meets descending paths leading to the bottom of the valley and brings the mountain biker back to the point of departure, coming out on the asphalted road from Bobbio, just before Passo Penice itself. In the winter time, this itinerary becoimes an ideal ring for cross-country ski lovers.

Monte Penice

Piazza San Francesco - Bobbio