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Appennino piacentino d'inverno (PC) ph. Patrizia Oropallo

The track is open all year round, the description below refers to the winter track.THE TRACK: To reach Monte Maggiorasca (m. 1799) you had better leave your car at Albergo Lago Nero, some km after Selva, on the trunk road to Passo dello Zovallo. From there, at 1288 metres , start from the northern side of the mountain ampitheatre that ends up in monte Bue, well visible from the top of monte Armano (m. 1440), which you’ll reach either going along the path behind the Hotel, or ascending the slopes of the Mountain itself.Enter a wood and, always proceeding southwards, in a glade you’ll meet the path arriving, from the left, from passo dello Zovallo.Keep it until you reach the meadow at 1.500 an, subsequently, Lago Nero, lying in a basin at 1.540 metres’ altitude . Since it is covered with ice and snow from November to March, you have to cross it wearing skis . From the west-south-east side ascend the “rampart” which closes its southern side. At the saddle, leave Costazza on the left and reach the top of Mount Bue on the right(m. 1.777) From there you can enjoy the view of monte Maggiorasca, with its cables and the Madonna’s statue . If the snow isn’t firm, avoid the connecting slope. If you still have the leather you can slide down till you reach the little hill.From there, turn left and, following a wide path, you’ll arrive at the feet of the Madonna statue and at the beginning of the gorge, which is very fascinating . Once ascended again to Monte Bue, the descent follows the same ascending track, with some deviation when skiing requires it .For instance, at the creek between Bue and Costazza,you had better ascend a little bit towards monte Nero, i.e. eastwards,to find openings enabling to ski well on a steeper, but better surface, between beeches, dwarf pines and spruces obstructing the descent towards Lago Nero. To cross it the shortcut will be necessary . Below the lake stay on the right , in order to take advantage of a sort of corridor showing how to reach the following meadow.Keep going northwards, along the path done at the beginning , till you begin a slight ascent of monte Armano.Once on the top, you can start the last descent down its sides, till you reach the hotel and you see the trunk road.
ALTITUDE GAP: ascent: 550 m + 300 m (plus 180 m if you reached Rocca d’Aveto)
TREKKING LENGTH (ascending): about 2 hours + 1 hour
DIFFICULTIES: from the descent that begins with the channel down Monte Maggiorasca (and in some stretches under Monte Nero)
PERIOD: (in standard snow conditions) from December to March.

Selva di Ferriere