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This itinerary – which can be done with ski, snow shoes or by mountain bike (only with little snow) – develops throughout Trebbia Valley’s highest mountains, along the crest separating Trebbia from Aveto Valleys. Monte Dego’s path is one of most suitable ways for cross country ski, due both to frequent snow and to slight slopes. Furthermore, the trek has two interesting goals: the first one, more suitable for experts, is represented by Passo di Foppiano,while the second one, for everybody, is represented by Monte Dego’s chapel, built at 1.427 meter altitude.
Going by car, Ottone may be reached from Piacenza going along SS. N. 45 della Val Trebbia. From Ottone, to reach Passo di Monte Veri, folow directions for Val D’Aveto, ascendine for 8 Km, till you see a road sign indicatine the cart road to Monte Dego. The itinerari develops along it.THE TRACK: Once worn the ski, take the trail going to Monte Dego.The first part mostly goes through the wood, although you may frequently see, on the right, wide snowy areas invitino you to leave the path. The path ascends easily and there are no orientation problems (we recommedn to remain on the main trail, avoiding some secondary deviations). Once you get out of the wood you are very close to Monte Dego; after a bend right you arrive to the chapel rising on the mountain. After stopping for a rest you may either decide to proceed up to Passo di Foppiano or to go back to the point of departure. In the first case, go back to the bend previously mentioned. Leave the main trail and turn left on a bridle path which often disappears under the snow (anyway there are yellow signs on the trees). This part, which develops on the open slope of the mountain is suitable for expert cross-country. When you reach an open area you have to carry on on the crest till you re-enter the beech-wood where the bridle path and the yellow sign are still visibile. Following both climb up till you reach the feet of Monte Oramara then slope down with some difficulties (the path is narrow and among the trees) up to Passo di Foppiano,where there is a little wood abode which is always open You can go back following the same way you you went along in the first part of the trek.

Rifugio Monte Dego

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