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Veduta di Bettola (PC) ph archivio IAT Val Nure e Val Chero

In the area of Nure Arda mountain community it has been signalled the first part of the Sentiero Italia between Milan and Bologna: these are the four stages going from Ponte dell’Olio to Pellegrino Parmense, with stops in Bettola, Rabbini and Vernasca. The signals are red and white, apart from the path stretching from Ponte dell’Olio to Bettola, where there are the metal boards “Antiche vie Genova e Romea – Via del Nure”. Here below you can find the description of the path going from Bettola to Rabbini. An itinerary along hills that leads to the discovery of Veleia remains.
Rabbini’s name comes from a Jewish community who was deported there in the Middle Ages, of which only few names of places with a Jewish origin remain. The same happened to the monastery of Val Tolla, of which only few perimeter walls remain, right below Rabbini.THE TRACK: From Cristoforo Colombo square, in the centre of Bettola, cross the bridge over the Nure till you reach San Bernardino’s village. Take the road to Poggio, which is bordered by bushes and still paved .At the first Terre houses take on the left a cart track and go straight to Croce Andreini. Going along a path and leaving Casa Terra del Piatto on the left, you’ll reach rio Riglio, beyond which you’ll meet the way to Casa Marmana. A large path leads to “provinciale Castellone”; go along a short part of it and go down along the path to Gallinari. proceed on the left passing cascina Angerina and Case Simoni, after a right turn.The path enters a thick oakwood, where you’ll cross rio Chero leading to Sagliani . Go up to La Colombara and you’ll reach Carignone’svillage .Among the houses you’ll find the road cart which soon becomes path and goes downards, bordering rio Freddo, towards Veleia’s excavations, where you’ll see Sant’Antonino’s bellfry.Going by some houses, in front of the church you’ll find a track cutting a bend and leading to a crossroad: go straight up. Going along a path you’ll pass Villa and Belvedere. After a little bridge and before Guidi turn right. The ascending path leads to Bianchi and Sgarbozza. After passing this ward take the ascending footpath. At 720 m turn left on a path leading to “provinciale del parco”. Cross it to take the track to Taverne. From this ward you’ll reach Rabbini , on a short asphalted way.
ALTITUDE GAP: 1000 m uphill; 750 downhill.
TIME: 5 hours and a half
LENGTH: 18 km
CARTOGRAPHY: IGM tables 1:25.000 Bettola and Gropparello