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A track enabling to know the crests separating Valtrebbia and Valtidone.The itinerary suggested is suitable for an intense hike, with the back-pack on you shoulders, going along the mythical Travo-Penice and the spectacular “Sentiero di Annibale”(Hannibal’s path). Travo – passo Penice (8-9 hours)TTHE TRACK: The path is ascending; it goes from 176 metres in Travo to over 1.000 mt ( Passo Penice). In the first part the territory shows the presence of man, but from Passo Caladrola on nature starts to prevail; from Passo Crocetta on it dominates.From Travo go along the watershed between Dorba di Travo and Guardabbia Streams (left tributaries of the river Trebbia) passing Tradoni, Casa Perdoni, Case Bulla, Costa Grillo, Case Rotte, Cassero, and San Giorgio farmhouses.Ascending, Padania gets more and more visible, with Piacenza and Castel San Giovanni. Once arrived at Passo Caldarola you cross the trunk road for Mezzano Scotti – Agazzano – Pianello Val Tidone. Here are Luretta di Monteventano di San Gabriele streams. Nearby you can see the unusual prophile of Pietra Parcellara ( 836 m). To reach Pietra Parcellara,the northernmost European ophiolythic outcrop, follow the path from Passo Caldarola;the same path successively goes down to Perino. From Passo Caldarola on woods begin to dominate the territory. After passing Monte Lazzaro (987 m), you pass by Case Longarini, and going across Costa Pianazza and Costa Rasa you’ll reach Monte Mosso (1.008 m 2 hours) : you may go round it along the eastern and southern slopes. A white temple welcomes the hiker at Passo della Crocetta (873 m) where you’ll meet Pecorara – Vaccarezza trunk road. Here begins the most important stage, as far as nature is concerned. A wide green area is scattered with Pan Perduto (1.065 m), Groppo (1000 m), Sassi Neri (1.034 m), Pietra Corva (1.078 m) and other unknown mountains. In 15 minutes you’ll be able to reach Pietra Corva Alpine Garden taking a path on the right which crosses the track.It takes 2 hours and a half to go from From Sassi Neri to Passo Penice; then, crossing a wood, you’ll reach and go across the road to Casa Matti and Romagnese, passing by S.S. 461 Bobbio – Varzi. The last slope leads you to the end of the stage. At passo Penice ( 1.149 m) you may spend the night in one of the winter tourism facilities.

Monte Penice

Piazza San Francesco - Bobbio