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Alta Val Nure panorama sui monti dell'appennino piacentino (PC), ph. Patrizia Oropallo

The Gaep cross-country race is a fantastic 33 km long itinerary on foot or by MTB, which is a classic trekking for Piacenza province.
Those who’ve never taken part in the wonderful event that takes place every year in late Spring, can join the trekking on their own.
The itinerary here described, thanks to the collaboration of Gaep, helps follow the hundred-year-old paths in the Apennine ridge, which once were some of the natural pathways linking Piacenza’s territory with Genoa.THE TRACK: The track starts in Passo del Cerro, (m. 776) Between Nure valley (Bettola) and Trebbia Valley (Perino) and is clearly marked as 001 path with black and white signs and with the old yellow marks indicating “cross-country race” on stones and wooden arrows.At the most important junctions also several writings show the track. After some km on the path, you’ll have to face a hard and difficult ascent leading to Monte Osero (1.235 m.), from which you’ll slope downwards up to Passo della Cappelletta. From Cappelletta head for al Monte Aserei (m 1.280), first going along a path, then crossing meadows. After M. Aserei, the track proceeds downwards till it reaches Ciregna and, going along sheep-meadows and tracks, Passo del Mercatello. Once passed the asphalted road connecting Marsaglia to Ferriere, the most spectacular, and also the hardest, part on the whole itinerary begins: it’s the ascent to M. Carevolo (1.490 m) , which you’ll reach after climbing up a track. From Mount Carevolo on, you’ll cross Crociglia’s beautiful bloomy meadows,going first along a flat area, then sloping downwards, till he reaches Gaep’s abode, at the old Customs House, now called Stoto Hut (m 1.365).
LENGTH: 33 kilometres
TRAVEL TIME: 6-7 hours
DIFFICULTY: the itinerary is suggested to expert hikers for its length.

loc. Passo del Cerro