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It’s undoubtedly one of the most complete mountain-bike itineraries in our province. You’ll soon reach 1000 m altitude,and you’ll be able to enjoy several amazing views of Trebbia’s valley, in one of its most spectacular traits. The track is mixed and offers several chances of testing one’s own skills both in ascent and in descent, without ever becoming too difficult.
THE TRACK: Leaving from Marsaglia, you’ll take the asphalted road taking to passo del Mercatello. After passing Casaldrino, turn right, where the road is no longer asphalted, till you reach Ozzola, after which you’ll get back to the asphalted road. Now leave the way to the Pass and take the road to Lupi; proceed in the direction of Castelvetto, also when, at about 900 mt, the road bed is covered with gravel and the first coniphers begin to appear. In Castelvetto keep on the main road leading to Torre Metterglia, but, just before getting there, be careful and take the path which immediately bends right and leads to the so called “chestnut”crest. Here, after a short ascent, you’ll meet a junction, in front of which,after wearing the helmet (in case you hadn’t done it yet) you have to turn left. After an initial descent, you’ll first see “Curiasca di Rosso”, One of Trebbia’s tributaries well known by fishers; soon after that, going through exciting ups and downs, you’ll reach Rosso’s peculiar village. Staying on the right, start ascending going along a road which offers the last views from the top, which really are worth a stop near Costiere. Back on the bike you’ll reach Tellecchio; here you’ll take a 3 km descending cart road, full of u-bends and cat’s backs, ideal for those who love jumping,minding the stones. You’ll thus reach Km 88 of N.45 trunk road; from here, in less than 2 km in descent, you’ll go back to the point of departure. The itinerary has been designed by Mr Stefano Butto.

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