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Tramonto sulla Parcellara , ph. G. Turco

Pietra Parcellara,one of the best known mountains by Piacenza’s inhabitants,is also called ” Valtrebbia’s Cervino” because its pointed peak reminds the higher and better known mountain, symbol of the Alps. Solitary, since no other mountain rises close to it from Travo up to the slpoes of Monte San Lazzaro, Pietra Parcellara has several, at times surprising sides: seen from Travo it’s rounded like an helmet, from Perino it looks pointed and sharp like a solid, black cone, from Cassolo it looks flat and wide.THE TRACK: From Perino’s square, across the old village, go towards the river Trebbia and, crossing the bridge, you’ll reach the left bank. Bordering the sports facilities( swimming pool and tennis courts) you’ll reach the street to Rondanera and, subsequently, the sloping footpath which comes together with the road to Donceto-Brodo. At the end of the slope you’ll meet the road connecting Perino to Brodo.Once you have reached the pass between Pietra Marcia and Pietra Parcellara there are two climbing alternatives.The “normal way” goes downhill in a north-west direction towards the cultivated fields. Zig-zagging in the wood, always along the path, you’ll arrive in about 25-30 minutes to the Pietra Parcellara’s oratory. From the Oratory on you’ll have to face the toughest part of the excursion: the path going from the little church up to the top and climbing the rocky wall . The slope is easy, not particularly dangerous and even children, if accompanied, may do it.In few minutes you’ll reach the top of the mountain The “crest way” goes right and starts from the base of the final rocky cone.Seen from the saddle, the cone seems steep and impossible to climb. Actually, it is a long crest, sometimes aerial and dangerous, which leads to the top in about 30-45 minuti . The second way is more dangerous than the “normal”one, therefore it should be attempted only accompanied by experts, never with young people or beginners in big groups.The path leading to the long, sharp, friable crest of Pietra Parcellara starts from the saddle between Pietra Marcia and Pietra Parcellara, on the right for those who come from Perino. At first the footpath seems very difficult, but if you follow the signs it is a technically easy itineray. There’s only one difficult part: a sloping slab requiring firm feet and no vertigo.Sometimes during the ascent the use of hands and foot will be necessary. To go back to Perino, either you can follow the same itinerary backwards, or you can reach the river Trebbia after following the crest way which hasn’t been used during the ascent.


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