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Appennino piacentino, Ferriere (PC) ph Archivio IAT Grazzano Visconti Val Nure e Val Chero

The itinerary proposed is a long and staged trekking on Trebbia and Nure valleys’ ridges: an itinerary that allows trekkers to tread the old ways of the salt along which travelled coaches transporting corn to Genoa and then went back to Pianura Padana full of olive oil, salt and spices.
STEP 3: Ciregna – Coli (6-7 hrs)THE TRACK: After leaving Nure Valley’s tall peaks,this stage begins a slow descent to the River Trebbia’s Valley. It begins going backwards along the track of the previous day, till it reaches “Il Corso” (a little beyond the cemetery and the electrical line); here,on the right, take the path which firstly goes across a pine and fir-tree wood, then goes along Monte Aserei’s (1.432 m) main crest, going from south to north, through pine-woods and pastures, with views upon villages, valleys and mountain peaks. After leaving Monte Aserei’s peak, keep going along the track till you reach the paved trail built, as well as all the others nearby, by the army in the 50ies: if you turn righ it takes you to the white road going to Mareto and Passo Cappelletta, while if you turn left,after few bends it takes to the trail coming from Peli. This itinerary follows this last direction and takes to Passo di Santa Barbara, recognisable from far awy thanks to the enormous white statue placet at the junction of three ways: ours, coming from Peli, the trail coming from Coli and that coming from Pradovera. You are now very close to one of the most beautiful apennine areas in the Province of Piacenza. The cart road, sometimes large, sometimes narrow, going through meadows and woods leads up to Fontana dell’ you have to leave the path following th enclosure till you reach, after the gate,another ascending path. This will shorlty take you to Monte Sant’Agostino wild peak (1256 m), a sharp rocky blade. After Monte Sant’Agostino the track heads towards a secon mountain: il Monte Tre Abati (1072 m). Only few kms are left: after the descent along the path in the wood, the track goes through non asphalted paths, till it reaches the asphalted road: after crossing Maiarda and Fontana villages, take the carriage track on the left till you reach Coli, after two kms and a half.

Località Ciregna