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Lago BIno, Ferriere, ph. Fausto Bessi

This is a trekking route allowing trekkers to follow some of the numerous paths which constituted, for several centuries, the natural communication routes among Valdarda, Valnure and Valtrebbia. Trails full of history, but also rich in suggestions and poetry. A path with numerous interesting spots from the botanical and geological points of view. Lake Bino and Moo deserve a special mention.STAGE 3: Passo Pianazze – Selva di Ferriere (7 hrs)THE TRACK: The stage begins with a long, difficult ascent,along a wood path and wide bridle paths that, bordering Costa dei Cornini (1.200 m), reach Termini (1.320 m). After Groppo’s meadows you’ll meet a bridle path that on the left goes down to Faggio and, on the right, reaches Lagazzo and Cassimoreno in Val Lardana. Once in Termini, after abandoning the Arda Valley, the path enters the Nure Valley and the so called lake kingdom, which borders in the east with Mounts Ragolino, Camulara, Arco, Costa dell’Erbone and San Martino, in the west with a crest beginning in Groppi di Pertuso and reaching Monte Megna throughPoggio dell’Orlo and Roccone. In the south it borders with Monte Ragola (1.711 m) and, in the north, with a wide moraine area joining Monte Megna and Monte San Martino.The area is a wide basin with lakes, small lakes, marshes, marshy grassland and peatbogs, and constitutes one of the most interesting witnesses in the geological history of the Apennines.The most important lake here is Lago Bino: it’s got an irregular oval shape, and is characterized by rocky and detrital banks, especially in the western side, derived from the valley moraine blockage. It’s the widest lake in Piacenza’s Apennines, and its level varies greatly throughout the year . If you want to see the lake, follow from Termini the main itinerary, go along the slightly ascending path in the woods, which reaches Prato Grande passing by Arco and Monte Camulare’s slopes. From here, a disused road, closed by several gates, leads to lago Bino in about 1 hour, 1hour 30 , to Lago Moo in 2-3 hours (round trip). After Prato Grande, from which it is possible to reach Monte Ragola (1.711 m) the track is mostly flat, with short and easy ups and downs and, after Monte Zovallo’s slopes, it reaches Passo Zovallo (1.421 m), where you’ll meet the road leading from Santo Stefano d’Aveto to Ferriere and Bettola . In Selva (Km 5,5 on the asphalted road to Ferriere) there’s a bus service to Bettola and Piacenza. While crossing Prato Grande always keep the left bordering Monte Camulara’s slopes, especially in case of fog. The last trait of this stage, about 4 Km, from Passo dello Zovallo to Selva di Ferriere is on asphalt road.

Passo Pianazze