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Roccia Cinque Dita, Farini (PC) ph. Patrizia Oropallo

This track in three stages allows trekkers to tread along several of those tracks which constituted for centuries the natural communication tracks among Arda, Nure and Trebbia valleys. Such tracks are full of history, but also of suggestions and poetry.
This itinerary presents numerous interesting points from the botanical and geological points of view. Lakes Moo and Bino worth a special mention.
STAGE 2: Prato Barbieri – Passo Penice (6-7 hrs)THE TRACK: The itinerary of the second stage goes across a very interesting environment: it begins with a slope, even steepy in some parts, and then continues along the almost always flat crest, in the woods;it ends ,after passo Linguadà, with a short tract of white road,and then cart roads till the descent towards passo Pianazze.From Prato Barbieri take a non asphalted road towards Montelana, village dedicated to Santa Franca to commemorate her passage among these mountains. You’ll soon reach Cappella Santa Franca,at the margins of a wood. After leaving the chapel, walk along the slopes of Monte Santa Franca , till you reach the pass bearing the same name and “Il Guttarello” hill . Then go along the slopes of Monte Menegosa (1.234 m),the peak of which, at 1.356 metres, is the highest point of the track..From Monte Menegosa you’ll be able to see the whole province of Piacenza. The itinerary also goes by monte Lama’s slopes, ” Costa della Strinata” and Passo Linguadà,and it also intersects the cart road leadigng from Bardi to Bettola. From passo Linguadà you may reach Boccolo Noce (at 1,8 Km).The itinerary continues along a white road,from passo Linguadà, to Taverne, Pizzo Granato’s slopes and the so called “l’Orlandazzo” Just before reaching Passo Pianazze, end of this stage, where the trunk road to Farini d’Olmo and Bardi is, leave the white road and walk along a path amid groves, till you reach Cisoli;the stone houses are dominated by Rocca dei Cisoli and, in the distance, by Cinque Dita rocky complex.

Località Prato Barbieri