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The Crociglia Mount (1578 m asl) has one of the most beautiful landscape of the entire Appennino chain in Piacenza land. It’s one of the favourite trekking place for hikers.
Its top has a wide dome shape mainly covered by wild grass fields. The top is completely exposed to the wind without others mountains surrounding, it’s actually a wonderful viewpoint on the entire mountain chain.

The Archangel Raffaele

On its top there is a statue of the Archangel Raffaele, placed there in 1957, as a guardian of the mount.
The white venetian marble stele of the Archangel was sculpted by Paolo Perotti in 1974, on a commision of the people from Torrio and the members of the CAI of Piacenza. Namely two years before a thunder destroyed the original one. At its feet there’s a white venetian marble altar made in 1995, on it the symbol of the peace surrounded by the olives branches was engraved.

The original sculpture was destroyed by a thunder and it was preserved at the cemetery of Torrio settlement as a memory of the fallen of the 1st World War. In 1957, it was transported along seven kilometers, on an old way by a group of men from the settlement to the top of the Crociglia mount. These men, actually, decided the symbol of the Archangel Raffaele, as a patron saint who guided Tobia along his journey.
The location of the statue happened in an epic atmosphere: on the 8th September 1957 was led the first mass, followed by a lunch for forty people group. Since then the event was moved up to the second Sunday of August and it’s repeating every year since more than sixty years, attracting on the top of the mount more than hundred people and several authorities from Piacenza and Liguria region.
The traditional celebration at Crociglia mount is always preceded by a mass, it represents an occasion to remember the victims of the mountain and the dead of all the wars. At the same time this specific celebration represents an occasion to spend a quiet and relaxing Sunday in the community during the month of August.
The Archangel Raffaele is still protecting and guiding all the inhabitants of Aveto and Nure valleys, uniting under its protection two regions: the Emilia and the Liguria. The statue became a landmark for all the hikers of the area.

Monte Crociglia

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